Five Communicative Language Teaching Methods

five communicative methods_videoUniversity of Aplied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), Centre for Languages and International Relations (CLIR), published a great video that clearly presents these five methods:



Method 1 – Physical-Emotional and Cultural Approach

  • Running Dictation
  • Proverbs

Method 2 – Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

Method 3 – Simulation

  • a trip to Edinburgh
  • moving to Berlin

Method 4 – Etandem

Method 5: Task Based Learning (TBL)

  • Physiotherapy
  • Sozialfiremen – Social Enterprises

I love them. Especially I value the students contact with the life real language. These great examples are applicable to different languages (German and English in video) and illustrate that language teaching can be a process filled by various activities.

After watching Method 2 about using the technology my thoughts were immediately flooded by questions: how do they prepared the exercises? what time did it take? what tools were needed? how complicated is to use these tools?

Yes, we definitely need “easy to use” language digital tools to make this method effective. Obviously I have an aversion to waste my time meaningless. And what interests me a lot: what time takes usually your preparation for a lesson either you are using technology or not? Share with me in comments.

Thanks and enjoy the video.

Veronika, trainer, passionate teacher, blogger, member of smartclasscommunity team


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