Songs in Language Classrooms

songs in classroom_160dpiHave you ever thought about the question: “why songs in foreigner language are useful in language classroom?”. Did you use then just to bring a little fun to lesson or just have a bit of relaxing time during hard teacher’s work? Or maybe you think about the topic deeply or maybe you are in this for a long time.

For those, who are interested in some bright views I could recommend and interesting article written by the writer, trainer and teacher Hans Mol. He engages this topic from various points of view to help up lighting songs in the classroom as a useful tool. He writes about types of songs, which learners like songs, why songs are so suitable, but also practical tips and tasks for using songs. These are nearly limitless. Hans Mol writes about these examples:

  • Focus it

Do anything what will get students thinking about the subject.

  • Highlight it

Working with selection of important words.

  • Stop it

Students must shout STOP any time they hear one of the highlighted words.

  • Lip sync it

Class Idol show and lip sync the song before the team of judges.

  • Strip it

Cutting song int strips. Memorizing strips, Organizeing strips … etc.

  • Question it

Let students ask the questions about the song, or create the false true questions.

  • Gap is

Gapped version of the lyrics.

  • Write it

Letter to the main character, singer, rewrite a song as a story.

  • Change it

Change adjectives, adverbs, nouns – names, places or feeling and invent new lyrics for the melody.

To learn all thoughts and  inspirational thinking about songs read the whole article from Hans Mol here.

When I am reading something that motivates me to enhance my classroom methods, I am always thinking critically about the words I am reading. It helps me touch the real core of understanding of the topic. It helps me avoid applying empty methods without feeling its effect.

Regarding songs in classroom I personally could feel something that was not told. And, that’s the beauty of the life, natural language that can be shown in the classroom to let students intuitively understand and perceive lyrics. The emotional component of songs can be a powerful instrument.

Maybe you do not agree with me or you have some more ideas, more practical observations that are flying in your head while reading song in the classroom. Share them, write the comment. The most useful thing is always to learn from the wisdom of others. Love to hear from you.

Veronika, trainer, passionate teacher, blogger, member of smartclasscommunity team



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