INSPIRATION: Language Teaching & Technology Conferences in Czech Republic 2013

Czech conference videoIn May and June 2013 there were language teachers from Czech republic enjoying the inspiring atmosphere at the series of conferences. You can enjoy the workshops’atmosphere in conference video.

2 cities, 2 days, 80 teachers, 16 workshops to attend, 7 speakers. The topic of conferences was “teaching with language lab.”

New digital language labs are now faraway from analog grannies. And, I am wondering why schools are not so often equipped by this solution nowadays. Most interesting part, according to the conference survey, was discovering SmartClass+ digital language platform and playing with its digital features improving all skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. In certain workshops teachers tried the role of students and even to lead some activities in a teacher’s role. I personally like the idea of changing roles and enjoying the classroom from the students point of view. It is interesting and worth to try. With the creativity of teachers the technology changed into a powerful tool. The positive feedback received mostly the easy to use interface and time-saving activities with recording or auto-assessing options.

Besides the language lab workshops there were English and German publishers presenting their new tools and guests speakers from universities with new teaching aproaches. Quite beneficial was the fact, that teachers could choose different worshops according their desires.

Language teachers’ meetings used to have an inspirational influence on what is happening in the classroom. I personally love to do that. In classrooms we are all alone and creativity is sometimes hard to keep, but on meetings the creativity of teachers fully reveals its powers. Gaining new ideas, trying new things, experimenting, discussing and sharing. It is keeping us fresh on the journey of looking for the best spirit of foreigner language teaching. And as a speaker at this conference I love to discuss with participants their needs and ideas about the language lab. And, want to say thank you … you amazed me. Hope you took some inspirational moments from me. I am always learning a lot from you.

I don’t want to forget to challenge you, my readers: share with me your any language meeting experience.

And I am going even further … what about to move the conference format to your city and make the language teaching full of life experience? Would you attend?

Veronika, trainer, passionate teacher, blogger, member of smartclasscommunity team

Enjoy the video:

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