SC+ on Tablets – Online Training in Czech School

The last day in September 2013, teachers from the primary and the lower secondary school in Dubá, Czech Republic, attended the SmartClass+ an online training session from Robotel, Inc. In the photographs you can see the SmartClass+ Rover, designed for schools who are looking for a tablet-based language learning solution. The Rover is a portable cart-based language lab that includes; the SmartClass+ Language Lab (LAD & MAD) software, a mobile cart with lockable storage for tablets and headsets, a windows-based, dual-screen teacher PC, and a high-performance wireless network (WLAN).  The school in Dubá is equipped with Windows 8 tablets.

SC+ online training sessions in the Czech Republic are delivered to every SC+ language teacher’s platform. They include several levels of practical training distributed over a series time-sequenced sessions. Teachers, guided by the trainer, are practising all possible language activities. The trainer is connected online. Training is recommended for groups of no more than six teachers: This way all teachers can experience the language activities in a hands-on fashion, which is the most important way to build the teacher’s confidence with the digital language learning platform.

During the training, SmartClass+ Rover has proved to be most useful in activities based on individual exercises. Exercises are created by teachers in the SC+ Media Activities Dashboard and delivered to SC+ apps on students´ tablets. Immediate digital assessment, grading, export, and reporting were highly appreciated by all session attendees.

At the end of the training, the consensus was that the tablet-based SmartClass+ Rover solution is very beneficial for language classes. BTW. It will be highly appreciated by all other readers if you share any other interesting apps for tablet-based language learning with us. Don´t be shy and make a comment.

I personally want to thank all the teachers in Dubá. They were great partners to have working with the first SmartClass+ Rover solution in the Czech Republic.

Veronika, trainer, passionate teacher, blogger, member of smartclasscommunity team


  1. How we can get this software?

    • Veronika Biskupova says:

      Hello, go to website… this is the website of the Canadian creator, or just tell me from what part of the world you are… and I will send you the contact for the area distributor of this amazing software. Veronika

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