Celebrating the first SC+ installation in Latvia

On September 24th, a conference-workshop at Ulbroka Vidusskola (Secondary School) took place to inaugurate the first SmartClass+ Laboratory installed in Latvia. Ulbroka Vidusskola has recently acquired a SmartClass+ Language laboratory system through a partnership agreement between the Stopinu Local Government, Certes (official partner of Robotel in Latvia), BMK (Robotel distributor in the Baltic region), and Robotel.

Front of the school

Teachers Ms. Anda Zandberga, Ms. Aira Ludane and Ms. Gundega Meldere think their school was chosen because of the interest shown at a recent conference held at the Canadian Embassy in Riga, but also because of their success in implementing several European projects and their openness to new technology. From the conference held at the Canadian Embassy, Ms. Aira Ludane brought the information to her colleagues and director, who decided to go forward with the project. With the help of Certes, BMK and Robotel, the lab was installed early in September.


Anda Zandberga told us : “I am very excited about the possibility offered by SmartClass+. Students believe in the technology, and become much more motivated to learn.” Aira Ludane added: “It will benefit shy students and address the needs of different levels in the same class. Gundega Meldere also stressed that it will be a plus to establish teacher-student private communication. “Students will be more comfortable in expressing themselves”, she says.

Yanick Demers, Director at Robotel, expects that Ulbroka Secondary School will develop new pedagogical skills and teaching methods that could then be shared throughout Latvia and the Baltic. “The enthusiasm, the motivation and the energy deployed by Ulbroka Secondary School teachers is just amazing, it is a pleasure to be here and share our experience with them.”



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