Windows 8.1 tablets in language education

For those of you who are looking for Tablet based solutions to create your new Digital Language Lab, here’s a solutions that doens’t include Ipads or Androids…

In their first incarnation, Windows based tablets did not give users a very interesting choice : It was either a full blown Windows 8 version at a pretty steep cost (800$+) or, a reduced version of the OS dubbed Windows 8 RT which did not give access to the most popular applications such as Office….

Well, a further bit of news came around that makes things more interesting. Microsoft has announced the release date of the new Windows 8, called Windows 8.1. It will have a regular version and  a RT version. What’s exciting is that a lot of new tablets manufacturer (such as DELL and Toshiba, to name only two ) will start selling tablets in the 300$ range that will run the full windows 8.1 version (and not RT).

What does it mean? Here’s what it means :

1) There will be even less incentive to buy a RT version since the full version will be available on the new tablets

2) A 300$ tablet running the full Windows 8.1 version may start being more competitive vs the Android and IOS choices now available

3) SC+ supports the full Windows 8.1, so this will be another platform on which we can propose a cost competitive solution for a full lab since the tablets+OS will be in the 300$ range.

4) Windows 8.1 running on tablets support multitasking, which other tablet OS  (IOS and Android) do not.

Read the article for more info :


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