Explore SC+ class: Elementary school Ratibořická, Czech Republic

delivering the individual language learning exercises to students, SC+ The number of SmartClass+ digital language classrooms in the Czech Republic is rapidly increasing. Schools can choose the digital learning language platform that best suits their needs from the many flexible variants of SmartClass+: SC+ with audio activities only, SC+ integrated with students´PCs, SC+ on tablets, etc.

The classroom in the elementary school Ratibořická in Horní Počernice is organized into digital “nests” and equipped with an SC+ solution having high quality sound recording and high quality video transmission. The classroom is also equipped with a projector.

This is not their first digital language learning experience in Horní Počernice. The school was originally equipped with an older Symposium digital language platform. This year, the school decided to upgrade to a new SmartClass+ digital language learning platform​​.  The deciding factors were that SmartClass+ provides teachers with an easy and intuitive dashboard for organizing language activities and delivers a wider range of digital language learning exercises to enhance individual listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

Get inspired by these photos. After the practical training session with local teachers, we will be happy to share with you more digital language learning experiences from this school.

Veronika, trainer, passionate teacher, blogger, member of smartclasscommunity team


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