Android app for monitoring students activities in the classroom

Here is something that might interest both SmartClass+ users and non users. In fact, this article is dedicated to all teachers using mobile devices in the classroom.

A common concern amongst teachers and students is that by integrating technologies in the classroom, it becomes easier for students to cheat or be distracted by all that is available on the internet (and their device).  However, a simple app might just make your life way easier… If you’re skeptical and wondering if such an app really exists? Well, YES, it does!

Kids Place – Parental Control was created by Kiddoware and is primarily used by parents as a way to control Apps access. It serves as a parental guide control. However, applied to Educational environments, it can prevent students from accessing games, performing actions that can cost money, texting, changing settings, etc.

Kids Place - Parental Control - screenshot   Kids Place - Parental Control - screenshot   Kids Place - Parental Control - screenshot   Kids Place - Parental Control - screenshot

This app is available for Free on only for those of you using Android Tablets ( Once installed, you will have to set a password (as per the instructions when the app is first launched). Once this is done, you can set up the app to fit your needs.

« Brilliant! Easy to use, lots of features has avoided countless headaches » – Jim Craig

« Love this app and all the plug-ins. I have tried others but this outshines » – Kayci S.

« Great app! Very useful! I love this app because it has kept my kids from buying things so many times, and because they have everything in one place that will keep them from backing out and going somewhere else. App does everything it says it does.» – Autumn Garves

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