How to Get Students to Speak: More Videos

oup_21st century skills_speakingOxford University Press is sharing some great videos from its own “Teach 21st century skills with confidence” project. All videos describe the key elements of the skill being learned: collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication. What matters to us, is that these videos are not just theoretical, but also practical. Language teachers can learn some concrete tips and strategies to enhance the language class. We want to share with you these video sharing tips and strategies in speaking activities.

We think that these activities will help you increase the frequency of the spoken language in a language class and everybody will enjoy them. We recommend that you check one of our previous posts on this topic “How to Get Students to Speak” with the specific title: dialogues. Stategies shared in that article are completed using the SmartClass+ language learning platform.  These activities show how digital language learning can be a vital part of language learning strategies.

Teacher trainer Veríssimo Toste explains how you can encourage students to speak in English by bringing their own opinions into the classroom.

Teacher trainer Veríssimo Toste introduces ways for you to help your students improve their grammar and vocabulary as they speak in English, in your classroom.

Veronika, trainer, passionate teacher, blogger, member of smartclasscommunity team

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