BETT 2014, The Learning Technology Event and Language Teaching

ExhibID_466_super_bannerEvery year I keep visiting London, UK, in January to keep myself up to date with educational technology. Every year I go to the learning technology event, BETT 2014. And what interests me the most? The digital language teaching and learning technology. There is a lot of technology in education. But on EDU blogs, EDU web articles even Twitter and Facebook EDU channels I am still missing the focus on languages. Yes, there are articles about technology in language education but, hand on heart, talking about using tablets in foreign language classrooms, without even noticing the usefull apps or concrete examples, is like reading to a fish about flying. But I keep looking for the right time and hoping that digital language  learning and teaching will have enough attention in the near future. I do everything for it.

I am so proud, that the language platform I use in language education and share with other teachers on this blog and my trainings will be showcased at BETT. Every single activity with SmartClass+ is designed for language teaching and learning. SC+ embeds an Any-time-Any-place-Any-device learning philosophy, and includes support for BYOD connectivity. Looking forward to seeing you at stand F93 in the exhibition hall. Use the opportunity to touch everything personally. Without personal experience it is hard to get the best picture.

I hope that digital language teaching gets the attention that it deserves. I will keep you updated here at this blog and on our social channels (TWITTER, FACEBOOK) about the whole event and how languages are scoring in the digital education field.

See you from Jan 22-25 in London.

Veronika, trainer, passionate teacher, blogger, member of smartclasscommunity team


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