[VIDEOS] Bett 2014, EdTech London event, & language education

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For the last week, we’ve been working from the London Bett Show… Here is a recap of the week. What better way to summarize a week than with pictures and videos?

This is a quick recap of our partners’ meeting in London…

Three interviews at Bett show about current main trends in language education:

Kwai Nam Loh, Regional General Manager at EP-TEC Solutions. Selangor, Malaysia. (YouTube: youtu.be/kbrf_NTJGto)

Mick Schonenberger, Director at ArcAngel Technology Ltd. Tonbridge, United Kingdom. (YouTube: youtu.be/801fQ76dDA0)

Ethienne Bouchard, President, Robotel Inc. Canada. (YouTube: youtu.be/8xEppaWnIjM)

Thank you to all our visitors and partners for joining us at Bett.

Yanick Demers, Sales Manager, Europe, Latin America and Africa, Robotel Inc. (YouTube: youtu.be/cAFl8FtddDo)

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