SmartClass+ Training Information

Explore all features of SC+ for your class. to book a session with a trainer to get a certificate to learn about the curriculum   FAQs Why 3 hours for a session? It is impossible to share all practical SC+ skills in just two hours. We respect also that the human brain has its limited capacity. That´s the reason […]

Top 8 YouTube channels for teaching English

In this episode we are sharing with you our top 8 YouTube channels for teaching English as a second language. Don´t be sad if you are not an English teacher: We are about to publish our favourite YouTube channels for Spanish and other language classes in the next YouTube Class Tips episodes. Let´s make the long […]

[PODCAST] Interview: “you practice more and get wonderful feedback when using technology”

 We are bringing you the PODCAST interview series with technology representatives for our topic of interest: Language Learning & Technology. Maybe you have read the opening post for this topic: Language Learning & Technology, and have several thoughts and ideas. Enjoy the spirit of people who are supporting language education with enthusiasm. Emil Waldhauser… [Linkedin] Czech Republic, English teacher, OUP contributor, supporting Robotel and […]

SmartClass+ FAQs

We thought it might be time for an FAQ page on our website.  As a lot of our followers are either actual users of SC+ or future users of SC+, we thought we might make your life a little easier by publishing a few frequently asked questions as well as a few basics facts / […]

[VIDEO]: SmartClass+ Language Learning Platform

More and more schools are using the SmartClass+ language learning platform in the Czech Republic, Europe. This video was created by Robotel’s Czech partner, AV MEDIA. Note that the language activities significantly increase the amount of time that the student is actively engaged in using the target language. SmartClass+ is designed to save the teacher´s time and enhance […]