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Why 3 hours for a session?

It is impossible to share all practical SC+ skills in just two hours. We respect also that the human brain has its limited capacity. That´s the reason why we decided to go step by step rather than cause you the headache. We want you to enjoy all hands-on activities and new skills with SC+ digital language learning platform.

Why six teachers for a session?

There is only one teacher´s computer in SC+ classroom.  You surely understand that more than six teachers is not possible to join into practical activities with just one computer.

What learning activities will you experience?

(our originally designed curriculum)

Read about training chapters, activities and practical examples composed for each level HERE.

Will I receive any materials?

There are training guides designed for each level. We will share with you the digital copy of them.

How to connect with a trainer?

At the day of training and scheduled time the Lab Administrator open the link shared by trainer on teacher´s computer. The Meeting Client will be launched.

How teachers will interact with a trainer?

Teachers are working on the teacher´s computer to organize language activities.  Teachers are switching on the teachers spot and observing each other performance. Surprisingly the trainer does not touch anything. Her only task is to guide you through all practical examples and share all her experience using the on-line meeting client, web cam and speakers.

 Do I need the IT assistance?

Your SC+ classroom is running on computers, laptops or tablets. Educational technology needs to be set up properly in order to be a useful teaching tool. Yes, you should ask IT to support you during the training.

 How to prepare the classroom for the training?

  • teacher´s station in language lab has to be connected to the internet

  •  IT assistance needed when starting computers in lab (passwords, user-names)

  • speakers and webcam (with integrated mic) need to be connected to the teacher’s computer in order to support the meeting interaction between the trainer and participants

  • IT assistance needed for connection testing and familiarization with the local classroom settings at least 30 minutes before the session

  • the SC+ system must be working properly

CONTACT the trainer:


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