Robotel welcomes Topteck Nigeria!

This week, Robotel is receiving for the first time, it’s newly appointed representative in Nigeria, Olusanya Babatunde from Topteck. A great occasion to discuss about technology that might have impact in the Educational system and military formation in Nigeria.


Oulanya Olusanya Babtunde met with Robotel’s directors; Yanick Demers, Elyze Dufresne and Nick Sapalidis.

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“I am very pleased to receive a first class partner, Olu from Topteck Nigeria – Both is natural curiosity about our platform and is extensive knowledge about ICT and Education overwhelmed us during his 5 days visit”, said Yanick Demers, Sales Manager for Africa at Robotel. Olusany Babatunde, Managing Director of Topteck added: “ The Robotel systems are totally new to Nigeria, We at TopTeck are fully enthusiastic to become part of the Robotel family.” – Olusanya Babatunde



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