HOW TO: import student class rosters into the SC+ app

The SmartClass+ language learning platform enables teachers to record students or to assign individual language exercises to them on their stations/digital devices. In order to save all digital work and recordings, teachers need to identify their students by importing a roster of students enrolled in each class.


The teacher can prompt students to register in the class or they can import prepared student lists including all students´usernames and passwords. 

For those who don´t want to leave registration to their students, this guide explains how to import the student list into the SC+ app.

A – create the CSV file:

  •  open MS Excel or any other spreadsheet application 
  •  write/copy in the columns: column A – student´s name, column B – student´s surname, column C – student´s usename, column D – password 
  •  students´ usernames must be unique
  •  columns have no headings or titles
  •  “save as“: CSV (format)

B – import the students´ list:

1. Open MAD (SC+ Media Teacher) and login as a teacher
2. Enter the class on your class list
3. Navigate using the top right arrow to the “Add Students” view.
4. Choose the “Import Student List” button from options on the right.
5. The browser is opened. Search your computer to find the CSV file.
6. Check the students´ list and hit the “Add Students” button.
7. Students are imported into your class and appear on the left.
To edit/delete students use the “Manage Students” button located at the top right. 
More questions? Share them in comments bellow.
Veronika, trainer, passionate teacher, blogger, member of smartclasscommunity team

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