HOW TO: download/upload exercises for my SmartClass+ language lesson


Today I will give you a great reason to update your SmartClass+ language learning platform to the newest version (version 3.12 or higher)

SmartClass+ is getting better and better with every new software release. Teachers who are using this platform in language classes can benefit from a powerful new capability: the SmartClass+ Cloud Xchange.

What is the Cloud Xchange?

A free cloud-based extension to your SC+ Media Library where you can access and share language exercises for your SC+ lesson.

How I can access it?

Every school equipped with a SmartClass+ language lab can access the Cloud Xchange directly from the SC+ Media Activities Dashboard (MAD). The SC+ MAD is available on every computer that has the SmartClass+ Teacher application installed.

Who are the authors of exercises on the Cloud Xchange?

Teachers using the SmartClass+ language learning platform.

Who can benefit from the Cloud Xchange?

Every teacher teaching with SmartClass+ can download or upload lessons to the Xchange.

What are the real benefits of the Cloud Xchange?

  • I can download publically-shared exercises created by teachers worldwide or just from schools in my neighborhood. No registration needed.
  • I can create language exercises at home on my laptop (without being connected to the school’s media library) and upload them to the Cloud Xchange with “private” status (available only for me).
  • I am able to share my exercises publicly or with “password protected” status with only those with whom I share password.
  • There are thousands of language teachers using SmartClass+ worldwide. Cloud Xchange is a real community sharing tool.


How to download exercises?

web share_1

      1. Open the SC+ Media Teacher app. (the MAD)
      2. Login as a teacher and from the class list, select any class for which you want to download/create/upload exercises.
      3. Go to the  “Add documents” of your class using the top left arrow.
      4. Click on the “WEB Shared Documents” button. Make sure that you are connected to the internet. 
      5. Browse teachers’ names to find your colleagues from other schools and download their publicly-shared exercises or media files using the “Add” button at the bottom of the screen.

web share_2


How I can upload exercises?

      1. Enter the Cloud Xchange using the steps above.
      2. Click the UPLOAD button located at the top next to the green dot. 
      3. If you don’t have a username yet, hit the “Create Account” button and fill in the personal information. 


web share_3

web share_5


      1. Create the course name you want to import your lessons to (English – intermediate, German, Spanish) on the right side of the screen (“Create” button).
      2. Select the exercise on the left side from your library. 
      3. Highlight the new course name on the right side of the screen.
      4. Hit the “Add” button on the bottom right to upload the exercise to the course on the Cloud Xchange.
      5. The system will be busy with uploading for a while.
      6. Hit the “Done” button in the top right corner to quit the Xchange.  If you want to check your exercises on the Xchange, enter the”WEB Shared Documents” again to see your courses and exercises. 

TIP:  At the bottom left, below the teachers cloud list, there is the “show only my account” checkbox – this feature hides all other users from the cloud view and only your name is visible. This is a great feature when you want to upload/download just to/from your own account.


Try this new feature in your SC+ language lab and let me know how you enjoyed the Cloud Xchange community tool.

Veronika, trainer, passionate teacher, blogger, member of smartclasscommunity team

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