Introducing SmartClass+ digital language learning RESOURCES

IMG_2291Today I am sharing some very exciting news: In early 2014, Robotel launched the RMT Project – a project devoted to the development of digital language learning materials. This project oversees the development of this official content, created by outstanding language teachers, for the SmartClass+ language learning platform. SmartClass+ is an amazing tool for language classes.  By combining SmartClass+ with great language learning content, you can accelerate your students’ skills to a whole new level.

The SmartClass+ platform is linked with the SmartClass Cloud Xchange – a cloud-based database that hosts shared media documents and exercises. Teachers all around the world are sharing their SmartClass+ exercises and resources with others. The high quality learning materials developed under the RMT project have been published on the SmartClass Cloud Xchange, and are now available for download by all teachers using SmartClass+. These materials are provided with lesson plans and worksheets.  All supporting TEACHER’S MATERIALS can be found here on our community blog.

This is an ongoing project. The first materials, targeting the English language, are available right now. New materials will be added as they are developed. Stay tuned to our blog, for updates.


How to teach with Robotel digital language learning materials:

  1. Choose the level, topic and download a lesson plan/worksheets for your lesson
  2. Download the digital materials for you session from SmartClass+ Cloud Xchange


Choose your topic and download lesson plans and worksheets for SmartClass+ activities:



How can I download materials from SmartClass Cloud Xchange?


How to download LINK

NOTE 1: you can search and preview all exercises/media files but you will need the password to download them. Get the password on our community blog or here.


ESL content is developed by Rachel:

993592_346852808774885_2069455930_nHi! My name is Rachel and I’m a teacher, translator, reviewer, and consultant. I have many years of experience and have taught people of all levels and of all ages (4 to 84!). I love sharing knowledge and experience.

Rachel Tunnicliffe, Collège Mérici, Québec; Conservatoire de musique de Québec; Self-employed Translator, Reviewer and Consultant.


How is the content publishing by Robotel licensed?

Creative Commons License
All content distributed in this project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Questions? We would love to answer them:




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