1st SC+ Mobile Learning Conference in Pakistan

1Robotel with the support and attendance of the High Commission of Canada, in Pakistan proudly present:

1st SmartClass+ Mobile Learning Conference in Pakistan

Showcasing Canadian Innovation in Educational Technology

19th of January in Karachi 

23rd of January in Lahore

26th of January in Islamabad


Mobile learning is a very important topic in the field of educational technology. SmartClass+ is the perfect solution. Any Time – Any Place – Any Device: These three phrases describe the SC+ digital learning platform precisely.

Any Time: reach the class resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, work on tasks, review your work, access the teacher’s feedback or just study the learning materials.

Any Place: access resources at school, at home, from the cafeteria… any place with an internet connection can be used for learning.

Any Device: SmartClass+ supports any device of your choice: Android or iOS devices, Chromebook, MAC, Windows devices…

The Conference in Pakistan is an invitation-only event. We are very proud to host all of the honored guests. Attendees can look forward to:

  • GAIN – Valuable insights and perspectives into the learning and implementation strategies for integrating technology into institutions and classrooms.
  • HEAR – Our president, Ethienne Bouchard, on innovation and the experience of working with global clients and the success of SmartClass+.
  • DISCUSS – Best practices and innovations being spearheaded by Robotel globally in the field of educational technology.
  • PARTICIPATE – In the masterclass conducted by Ethienne Bouchard, for a live interactive product demonstration focusing on key features of SmartClass+.

All topics are supported by two very honored speakers:

Mr. Ethienne Bouchard, Robotel CEO, more than 30 years of experience in the educational technology field, and MsKhadija Haleem, Regional Educational Technology Manager, professional consultant & trainer


Conferences provide a great opportunity to share ideas, explore and discover the future ways of learning and teaching. We are so happy to share information about this event where people can meet and exchange great ideas in person.

on behalf of SmartClass+ Community, Veronika Biskupova




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