Moments from the exhibition – BeTT 2015, London

Last week we had an opportunity to meet you in London. The BeTT show 2015 opened its gates on Wednesday, Jan 21st.  At our exhibition stand, the Robotel team discussed with an audience the potential of digital language education and prepared several interesting presentations. Those who joined us experienced the “any time – any place – any device” language learning concept in live sessions.

We shared with you 7 tips for the SmartClass+ language learning platform. And I can promise to you the next blog post will bring you these tips in detail.

The most remarkable moment we prepared for you was definitely the “SmartClass+ free teaching resources” project announcement. You can read more about free SC+ language learning materials here:

I personally enjoyed the discussions with the audience after our presentations. I had an opportunity to meet people from various countries again (Malaysia, Egypt, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech, Chile …). Every country has own unique education approach but it was evident that all have this topic in common; inventing ways of transforming language classes into a skills oriented environment.  It is always a pleasure for me to share my experiences and to support your language education practice. Thank you for coming, thank your for joining us.

We are innovators. We conceptualize and create digital language learning tools that have an impact. We are part of the modern language education strategy.

Veronika, the trainer and SmartClass community contributor


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