Mobile learning for education in Pakistan

Last month, Pakistan hosted the prestigious mobile digital language teaching and learning conference in three major cities – Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

The 1st SmartClass+ Mobile Learning Conference in Pakistan showcased Canadian innovation in educational technology.

Events in Karachi and Islamabad were attended and a presentation was made by the Counselor of the High Commission of Canada, Mrs. Allison Stewart. She was accompanied by Mr. Athar Moeen Khan and Mr. Ali Khan, Trade Commissioners’ with the High Commission of Canada. Mrs. Allision Stewart was absent at the Lahore event, however addressed the audience through a personalized message covering the innovation Canada has pioneered over the years, and her confidence in Robotel’s product line and success in the education industry for the past thirty years.



Educational institutions, universities and secondary schools have expressed a keen interest in implementing this technology. Mobile learning is a very important topic in the field of educational technology. SmartClass+ is the perfect solution to have been showcased and discussed at the event.



We asked Mr. Etienne Bouchard, Robotel CEO and one of the honored speakers at the conference,  a few questions regarding his visit to Pakistan.

Conferences of this kind have a major effect on the evolution of education. Events where people can meet and discuss development in the educational field are necessary for innovation and progress to be kick-started. Yet, in the heat of the moment it is easy to forget that any educational process is a living and evolving creature. It’s existed for centuries. In that time it has changed completely. And we need to understand that what for us has seemed sufficient some time ago, might seem completely inadequate in the eyes of today’s students.

We proudly present pictures from the event, which hosted more than hundred guests all together and at the same time we want to express sincere thanks to Ms. Khadija Haleem, Regional Educational Technology Manager, who made all this possible.



Karachi Event



Lahore Event



Islamabad Event

sincerely yours

Veronika Biskupova who has had the opportunity to proudly write about this remarkable event

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