7 Tips for SmartClass+

The BeTT show, London, 2015 opened its gates on Wednesday, Jan 21st.  At our exhibition stand, the Robotel team discussed with an audience the potential of digital language education and prepared several interesting presentations. For those who could not attend the live sessions at our booth, I invite you to watch this video interview that reflects one of sessions we delivered at the show: 7 tips for the SmartClass+ language learning platform.


TIP 1:

Use your own device with SmartClass+

SC+ is not limited to computer classrooms only. Any device is supported. For a student to join the class with his own device is super easy: step 1 – download the SC+ app from the online store (Google play, App Store, Chrome store), step 2 – configure the device with the “Configure” button to be able to access the class/lesson that the student is to attend.

Snímek obrazovky 2014-10-27 v 8.22.36


TIP 2:

Self study exercises

Send any language learning media resource that you usually use in your class to students’ devices and instruct them how to interact with that resource: e.g. listening comprehension (fill in the blanks, multiple choice), reading comprehension (fill in the blanks, multiple choice), test the class reading skills in 5 min., practice pronunciation (recording, comparative recording), improve new vocabulary, teach grammar using videos… Monitor your students while working with the chosen resource and grade their performance.

rec. ex. on tablet SC+ language platform


TIP 3:

Live class tools

Teaching is not only about individual work and sharing resources but it is also about live class activities, and interactivity between the teacher and the students: monitoring tools, pairing/group activity tools, instant recording tools etc. SC+ live class tools are powerful.



TIP 4:

SC+ Homework for students

Students can access all shared resources and work that has been already done at school from home / cafeteria / library. This is an amazing solution especially in cases where teachers are dealing with limited class time and an expansive curriculum. The class could be changed into a practical skills session and all needed knowledge and resources could be shared beyond the classroom with students – an approach that is referred to as a flipped classroom environment.


TIP 5:

SC+ Homework for teachers

Teachers can remotely connect to all resources and students’ completed work (saved on the school server) using any internet browser. This feature gives teachers the opportunity to review student work and provide feedback to students at any time.  Teachers work at a time of their own choice and in the environment where they are the most comfortable.




TIP 6:

Self evaluating exercises

Some of the predefined SC+ exercise templates are able to correct students’ work automatically because the system knows the right answers up front: This applies to fill in the blanks and multiple choice exercises types. When the teacher opens the exercise and selects a student from the class roster, that student’s score for the exercise is shown in percentage together with highlighted mistakes. The teacher has an opportunity to modify the student’s grade, add some textual feedback, or record a personal message for a student.

Snímek obrazovky 2014-05-26 v 17.33.55



TIP 7:

SmartClass+ Cloud Xchange

Language education is not only about tools, but about content too. If you are thinking about Dropbox, Google Drive or any other cloud-based system to transfer your resources from your home computer to the school network, don’t!  Cloud service is already integrated within the SmartClass+ teacher software. SmartClass+ integrates the content CLOUD into the teachers’ software. Every teacher can easily go to the SmartClass Cloud Xchange to download or upload language resources or digital exercises for their own lessons. Sharing resources between teachers is also available.

AMAZING BENEFITS of SmartClass Cloud Xchange: It offers you free professionally-authored teaching/learning resources for inspiration or for download. Learn more about this resource project in this article: https://smartclasscommunity.robotel.com/2014/12/08/introducing-smartclass-digital-language-learning-resources/.

web share_1

Teaching languages is fun. Make it even better, and more comfortable for you. Save your valuable time with SmartClass+.

Veronika Biskupova, the teacher, trainer and SmartClass Community contributor



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