Live SC+ session from Grammar school – video and pictures

IMG_3109Installations of 32 brand new SmartClass+ digital language learning classrooms in 20 Czech secondary schools, Moravian-Salesian Region, were finished at the end of 2014.
The project was funded with EU support.

I have been speaking with every individual teacher involved in this particular project through my many trainings organized to support the SmartClass+, digital language learning platform and the integration of the system into everyday language sessions. The training support is the ongoing process. Our goal is to use digital language teaching methods on a daily basis.
But we already have some amazing examples to showcase. I had a chance to visit the live language class of Mrs. Martina Baseggio, the head teacher of language learning department at the Grammar School Hladnov and State Language School, Ostrava, one of the schools benefiting from the project. The session was outstanding. Even from some of the short video moments I have recorded for you, you can sense the satisfaction of the teacher and recognize the interest of the hard working students.

According to Mrs. Baseggio, SmartClass+ helps her to keep every language student busy. Getting ready for a class is (according Mrs. Baseggio) very easy because of the many ready-to-use exercise templates provided. The SC+ platform fully supports working with resources created by professional language publishing houses and this can really ease the teachers’ work, Mrs. Baseggio said.

Enjoy this short video that highlights a few moments from the live class, and the pictures taken in a great working atmosphere. I am looking forward to bring to you some specific SC+ digital teaching tips from Mrs. Bassegio next time.

Veronika, the teacher, trainer and SmartClass Community contributor

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