French Teaching Resources – April



Getting bored by old online resources? Get some new inspiration here! There is more sunlight outside (at least where I live). With more sunlight comes more energy. Let’s be more creative! 🙂


Vocabulary resources


Snímek obrazovky 2015-03-16 v 14.16.15

Audiovisual resources:

  • Many PDF lesson plans ready for your French class:
    • video news – ready-made lesson plans for online videos, available in PDF and for different levels: A1, A2, B1, B2
    • vocabulary  – PDF to practice vocabulary for different levels
    • popular song videos – songs with ready-made PDF lesson plans for your class, an example:

Grammar resources

  • How to make hypotheses in French
    • video explaining the “hypothesis” topic
    • video – how to make hypothesis with “si”
    • quiz to practice
    • verb exercise – complete sentences with proper verb form
    • song – interactive test based on the video

Snímek obrazovky 2015-03-16 v 12.46.09

Snímek obrazovky 2015-03-16 v 13.49.38

Listening, listening comprehension and discussion


Snímek obrazovky 2015-03-30 v 21.36.09

Do not hesitate to share comments with us.

Have fun!


I’m a translator and language enthusiast. I’ve been working with adults and youth for ten years now. I love sharing experience and enthusiasm with other people.


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