News from March Trips (US, Europe, Southeast Asia)

My amazing colleagues brought digital language teaching and learning to many places last month. It is really interesting to follow their work and stories. I visited their social media walls, picked up few events, and have prepared for you a brief summary of their busy trips.

photoGerry Sullivan, Montreal

Gerry is amazing with all marketing stuff. We could not do a lot of amazing things without him. Sharing with you some pictures from his traveling.



26. 3. 2015 – Toronto

“Looking good in Toronto! Great conference! Great location! Opportunities to follow!”15 - 1

“A busy morning at the first day of the TESOL 2015 conference in Toronto, Canada!”

15 - 1 (1)


13.3.2015 – Minnesota

“Our colleague, Rick Nappier, demonstrating SmartClass+ to a group of language teachers from Minnesota at the Central States Conference.”

15 - 1 (5)

“Here is a sneak peak at SmartClass+ version 315 (Beta) being displayed at the CSCTFL conference in Minneapolis.”

15 - 1 (3)

26.2.2015 – Boston

“Getting ready for the National Association of Independent Schools conference (NAIS) to begin in Boston, MA (USA).”

15 - 1 (6)



Yanick Demers, Montreal

Yanick is taking care of Europe, Africa and South America. In March he visited Europe. And as always (in his case), there are some exciting news stories to share.



30.3.2015 – Bulgaria

“I’m glad to announce a new and important partnership with the Wonderful Team of Vali Computers, in Bulgaria. Vali Computers is officially appointed as Robotel Exclusive Partner in Bulgaria!”


28.1.2015 – Italy

“Happy to be invited by our Italian partner, Grisoni Sistemi Didattici to participate in a Seminar about the new frontier of the language lab, from analogue, to digital and virtual. The event took place in Como, a beautiful antique city nestled at the end of a Lake, surrounded by snow caped mountains. Two teachers and I shared their experiences with the 50 teachers who attended. Debates have been really interesting, especially when it comes to better support for teachers going through these changes! The hospitality of the CFP Como, a school of gastronomie was splendid and appreciated!”

15-01-28 - 1 15-01-28 - 2

19.3.2015 – Czech republic

Czech Republic organized two conferences for language teachers with one goal: to have a live experience with SmartClass+ via hands-on workshops. Yanick was a speaker at one of the conferences. The presentation topic? BYOD! 🙂




11024204_668465063280524_5104309496512641231_oDavid Liew, Australia

David visited the Southeast Asia region in March. Today I will share just pictures from Vietnam with you, but I promise more interesting news from him next time.




18.3.2015 – Vietnam

“Training for a partner in Vietnam – 11 participants from all over branches in Vietnam.”

15 - 1 (7)


21.3.2015 – Vietnam

Exhibiting under the sky, with our partner – Sao Mai Education.


My dear colleagues are sharing the idea of digital language learning and teaching all around the world. If you are lucky to meet them on their journeys enjoy their great company and ask as many questions you can. Their digital language learning stories are outstanding.

Veronika, the teacher, trainer and SmartClass Community contributor

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