Spanish Teaching Resources – April

online teaching resources spanish


Spring is coming. We are sharing with you more fresh inspiration for your Spanish class.



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Vocabulary and culture

  • Video with finger puppets about carnivals in Spain. Discuss with your students the carnival topic and the reasons why it is so popular.
    • subtitles optional
    • incographic
    • funny

Snímek obrazovky 2015-03-29 v 18.12.11


  • Article about Alasita, a Bolivian fest .
    • Audio available for download – whole article in Spanish, listen and repeat audio included
    • pdf version of the article to download
    • video from the festival to tune up the atmosphere! 🙂

Snímek obrazovky 2015-03-29 v 18.35.22

I hope you have found your inspiration. If not, tips from you are welcomed in comments below. Let’s inspire each other!


I’m a translator and language enthusiast. I’ve been working with adults and youth for ten years now. I love sharing experience and enthusiasm with other people.


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