Robotel welcomes Topteck Nigeria!

This week, Robotel is receiving for the first time, it’s newly appointed representative in Nigeria, Olusanya Babatunde from Topteck. A great occasion to discuss about technology that might have impact in the Educational system and military formation in Nigeria. Oulanya Olusanya Babtunde met with Robotel’s directors; Yanick Demers, Elyze Dufresne and Nick Sapalidis. “I am […]

SmartClass+ FAQs

We thought it might be time for an FAQ page on our website.  As a lot of our followers are either actual users of SC+ or future users of SC+, we thought we might make your life a little easier by publishing a few frequently asked questions as well as a few basics facts / […]

How to choose a tablet for language class?

Well, we’ve all gone to an electronics store with the intention of buying some sort of electronic device (TV, stereo, camera, computer, phone, …). But when it comes to actually choosing one device over its neighbour, which should you go for? All look nice and are similarly priced, but which one is more powerful or more efficient? We […]

COERLL – Online resources for 18 languages

Whatever language you teach or are trying to learn, this should help you a great deal… The Center for Open Education Resources and Language Learning (COERLL) is one of fifteen Foreign Language Resource Centers in the United States (, more precisely, in Austin, Texas. It is mainly funded by the US Department of Education as […]

Great website for teachers using technology in class

Here’s something that might just make your job a little easier. And when I say that, I’m referring to any teacher’s job. When surfing online for news tips and ideas this morning, I came across an interesting website, Edudemic: Connecting Education & Technology. This particular website is dedicated to connecting teachers, students and just about […]

Des tutoriels, pourquoi pas?

J’aimerais dédier ce court article à nos usagers SmartClass+ francophiles. Eh oui, même si nous publions peu en français, nous pensons tout même à vous. Et nous ne sommes pas seul. Notre partenaire français, Satel, a produit plusieurs tutoriels (des vidéos youtube de courte durée) afin de vous aider à naviguer les eaux lorsque vous […]

Windows 8.1 tablets in language education

For those of you who are looking for Tablet based solutions to create your new Digital Language Lab, here’s a solutions that doens’t include Ipads or Androids… In their first incarnation, Windows based tablets did not give users a very interesting choice : It was either a full blown Windows 8 version at a pretty […]

La vague technologique prend de l’ampleur au Québec…

La semaine dernière, le magazine L’Actualité s’est penché sur un phénomène relativement nouveau au Québec : la «IClasse». En effet, la chroniqueuse, Catherine Dubé, a investigué les divers milieux scolaires québécois pour découvrir que de plus en plus d’élèves travaillent, et ce, dès le primaire, avec des outils tels les ordinateurs portatifs ou même des […]