Paired / Group Discussions

In early 2014, Robotel launched the RMT Project – a project devoted to the development of digital language learning materials. This project oversees the development of this official content, created by outstanding language teachers, for the SmartClass+ language learning platform. For more information about this project and details on how to download SC+ exercises read here:

This is an ongoing project. The first materials, targeting the English language, are available right now. New materials will be added as they are developed. Stay tuned to our blog, for updates.

Paired / Group Discussions – All levels


The teacher gives the students a topic and then pairs / groups them to discuss the topic. The teacher can launch a live recording for verification or testing purposes.

Download PDF: Paired / Group Discussions

Topic Level  Grammar/Vocab Practised

Give students 5/10 minutes to talk and find out as many things as possible that they have in common.

All Icebreaking ActivityQuestions / Present Simple / Past Simple / Family life …

Invent 5 laws to make this world a better place. Don’t forget to discuss your reasons for the laws.

(Students could be put in 3s or 4s to discuss their laws afterwards.)

All Modals

Giving Advice

Give students the sheet Giving Advice.

Students can be paired more than once and decide whose advice they like best.

B You should … / Why don’t you …

Diary Planning

Give the students the sheet Diary Planning (in pairs A and B) to try to find time in their schedules to meet. This would work well after the Telling the Time activities.

B Are you free …?How about …?

No, I’m afraid …

Yes, that’s fine.

Time and Days

Passing On Telephone Messages

Give the students the sheet Passing on Telephone Messages (in pairs A and B). Get them to model the example and do the exercise afterwards. They should be encouraged to spell the names to practise their alphabet.

B AlphabetStructure: He wants you to …

What changes will there be in the world in the next 50 years?

I /A Future Simple

With your partner, try to come to a consensus and put the jobs listed in order of importance: teacher, doctor, singer, farmer, actor, builder

I / A Present Simple / agreeing and disagreeing

Discuss the following problem with a partner: The place where you live is on fire. You only have time to save 3 things – what are they and why would you save them?

I / A Various verb tenses (present / past / conditional)

What changes have taken place in the world in the last 50 years?

I / A Present Simple / Past Simple

About the Author:

993592_346852808774885_2069455930_nHi! My name is Rachel and I’m a teacher, translator, reviewer, and consultant. I have many years of experience and have taught people of all levels and of all ages (4 to 84!). I love sharing knowledge and experience.

Rachel Tunnicliffe, Conservatoire de musique du Québec, Self-employed translator a Collège Mérici, Québec


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