SmartClass mission

SmartClass+ is digital language learning platform that helps teacher to design and orchestrate classroom activities that improve their students listening and speaking skills.

There are hundreds of successful teachers using this platform worldwide. Teachers that are on the endless education journey searching for various ways to convey the foreigner language spirit, light the language passion in their students. They realize that speaking the foreigner language is not only a necessary skill. It is the door to the new world and new space for the human spirit to grow. All this is not possible to achieve with routinely applied methods only. We need to find more ways how to provide students with most possible contact with the real life language.

This journey of discovery is our mission and if this is yours, we want to support you in your language teaching if you are using SmartClass+ platform or not.

Still curious about SC+?

SmartCLass+ presents teachers with the simplified users interface called dashboard focusing on a manageable core activities. The SmartClass+ virtual teaching assistant helps teachers organize, build, assign and review student activities based on interaction with the foreigner language.The virtual teaching assistant provides step by step templates for building exercises.


SmartClass+ uses a dashboard architecture that is portable across different computing platforms. This means that SmartClass works with desktops computers, with laptops and with hand held tablets like the iPad.


SmartClass+ includes the cost effective all software configuration, but also have available performance enhancing intercom and screen sharing hardware modules. This means that SmartClass can be configured and scaled to exactly match any learning environment and fit within any budget.

More about SmartClass+ here.


  1. Great one i think you are an boutique Smart Class Content provider. but have you performed any qualitative and quantitative research on these any-where and any-time scenario?.. Thanks.

  2. Smartclass programs graduate
    smart members, contented ,made realionship between
    people, makes language studies easiest more confatble,also
    save daily time work, organize students schedule and more

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