How to get started using tablets in the language classroom

Oxford University Press is sharing, on its YouTube channel, an interesting podcast called  “Question for Q authors” on a regular basis. It always has a video (max two minutes), in which OUP authors are sharing their experiences. The podcast with Joe McVeigh’s response to “How can I get my students to use smart devices in the classroom?”   inspired […]

TIP: Using QR with Tablets in Education

Create your own Quick Response codes and use a QR code reader in your language classroom. Your students can scan the QR code using a QR code reader app and can quickly connect to digital content such as YouTube language videos, text instructions, or language learning websites, using their tablets. QR codes can be used to help organize the iPad/Android learning […]

Des tutoriels, pourquoi pas?

J’aimerais dédier ce court article à nos usagers SmartClass+ francophiles. Eh oui, même si nous publions peu en français, nous pensons tout même à vous. Et nous ne sommes pas seul. Notre partenaire français, Satel, a produit plusieurs tutoriels (des vidéos youtube de courte durée) afin de vous aider à naviguer les eaux lorsque vous […]