“There can be infinite uses of the computer and of new age technology, but if teachers themselves are not able to bring it into the classroom and make it work, then it fails.”

– Nancy Kassebaum


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1 – on-going support 

Consultation hours in a school lab or at the webinar. Trainer is connected as an online support.

2- group of 5 – 6 teachers session

Divide teachers into small groups practicing together in a lab. Training in a school lab. A trainer is connected as an online support and a guide.

3 – webinar for up to 25 teachers

Connect from your home computer to my webinar at the scheduled time. Watch some activities I present. Try them at school and the very next week connect to the webinar again to continue with a brand new activity.





TIME: 3 hours each


  • How to launch SC+
    • Listening
    • Conversation
    • Recording controlled by teacher
    • Recording controlled by students
    • Feedback for students


  • Assigning students to stations
  • Conversation – Recording
    • PICTURE&PDF – individual exercises
    • AUDIO&VIDEO – individual exercises
    • LESSON PLAN – create&assign
    • Student’s library/digital portfolio


  • Xchange & shared library
  • Podcast for students
    • AUDIO&VIDEO – individual exercises
    • AUDIO&VIDEO – individual exercises
    • ASSESSMENT methods
    • SECTION management
    • ONLINE language resources


  • Do you need to refresh the SC+ skill at the beginning of the school year? Do you feel your SC+ classes could be better? We can pick up only specific training chapters for you or discuss your questions.
  • Any special wishes? Tell us about them and we will help you. We can design the session according your needs.












Right now we are working on more materials for specific topics and we are recording some training videos.

Follow our blog for new updates.





Daniel Barbeau, Coordonnateur, Département des langues

Cégep de Trois-Rivières

“First of all, I have to admit that I had certain reservations concerning the on-line training formula. I wasn’t looking forward to the connection delays or lags in transmission as we can sometimes see on TV during news bulletins. However, I was greatly surprised to witness first-hand that none of these problems surfaced. The lip movement and sound were in sync. We could intervene at any given moment to ask questions as if we were face-to-face. Yet, we were separated by thousands of miles and an ocean!

Also, a word about our trainer, Miss Veronika Biskupova. Her work was exquisite. She possesses undeniable teaching skills and a thorough knowledge of the SmartClass+ software. She had the ability to put everyone at ease and anticipated our questions and objections with professionalism and most of all, patience. No question was left unanswered. All of our teachers are unanimous:She deserves an A+. Congrats!”

William Sebok, Technology Director

Notre Dame Academy Worcester

“I just wanted to thank you, the staff was very impressed with training session and thought you were a great instructor.”

Marilyn Merkley, Principal

Muir Elementary

We are looking forward to having another Professional Development session with our teachers. We appreciate all that you have taught them. Your support has been very beneficial.





 How to connect to the trainer?

On the day of training and at the scheduled time, the school’s IT support contact should open the link that was shared by the trainer on the teacher’s computer.  The Meeting Client will be launched.

How teachers will interact with the trainer?

Teachers are working on the teacher’s computer to organize language activities. The teachers will rotate through the teacher’s spot, alternating between running the activities and observing their colleagues’ performance.   Surprisingly, the trainer does not touch anything.   Her only task is to guide you, explain some practical examples, and share all of her experience.  You can hear and see the trainer.   The trainer is observing your screen.  She is instructing teachers what to do and answering their questions.

Do I need the IT assistance?

Your SC+ classroom is running on computers, laptops or tablets. Educational technology needs to be set up properly in order to be a useful teaching tool. Yes, you should ask IT to support the training.

How to prepare the classroom for the training?

The teacher’s station in the language lab has to be connected to the internet.

  • IT assistance is needed when starting computers in the lab (passwords, user names)
  • A set of speakers and a webcam (with an integrated microphone) need to be connected to the teacher’s computer in order to support the meeting interaction between the trainer and participants.
  • IT assistance is needed for connection testing and familiarization with the local classroom settings at least 30 minutes before the session
  • The SC+ system must be working properly
What trainings levels are available?

We want to share with you the best teaching experience. After many and many delivered trainings we designed the SmartClass+ course in these levels:

  • BEGINNER (3 hours) for six teachers
  • INTERMEDIATE (3 hours) for six teachers
  • ADVANCED (3 hours) for six teachers
  • REFRESHER (3 hours) for six teachers
  • We can compose the course as a CUSTOM. Just tell us your wishes.
Why 3 hours for a session?

It is impossible to share all practical SC+ skills in just two hours. We also respect that the human brain has its limited capacity. That’s the reason why we decided to go step by step. We want you to enjoy all hands-on activities and new teaching skills with SC+ digital language learning platform.

Why six teachers for session?

There is only one teacher’s computer in the SC+ classroom.   You surely understand that with more than six teachers, it would not be possible to have all teachers experience all of the practical activities being taught in a true hands-on fashion with only the one teacher station.

More questions? Contact the trainer:

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